Missing him

No one in particular, but him. That man that you go home to after a long day. That you pour the stories of your day out to and he listens intently. The man that looks at you and says ‘I’m proud of you’.

I needed that tonight. Someone to hold me when I stumbled into the house and drop all my bags on the floor just inside the front door. I worked a 15 hour day today, and all I wanted besides my bed and puppy, was a man to be there to hold me and tell me he was proud of all my hard work. I don’t usually need that acknowledgement from another person, but I haven’t crossed many, if any, milestones as a single woman. Today I realized today how much I missed having someone there to celebrate with. And be excited with over the big things, and even the small things.

One day. Maybe soon, or maybe not. But one day there will be another him. 🙂