I have never documented my training for half marathons. Honestly, because the progress has never been worth documenting. And I’ve really only done the weekend long runs, rather than adding in the short runs and strength training during the week like suggested.

My upcoming race is on my 25th birthday, September 12th, and I have a goal to PR at 2:30hrs. With this goal in mind, I think I can be wildly successful, plus I’d love to start 25 off with a bang and a personal record would definitely qualify as such.

I will also continue weight lifting 4 x per week, practicing yoga at least twice weekly, in addition to the 4 run per week training schedule. While this sounds extreme, and maybe slightly insane, I am INCREDIBLY excited to see how my body reacts to all of the work out mix ups. I’ve started to plateau some, and the intention is that my body will constantly be shocked and allows growth and change to continue happening.

These pictures were taken the evening of Day 1 of training. (I apologize for my puppy and my incredibly messy room. I didn’t even think about the background when I took the photo. Woops! ) This is at 134.5lbs, which is already 7lbs up from where I was in April when I started lifting, so the weight gain is muscle. I continued eating an 80/20 clean diet, while increasing my protein and water consumption, and limiting my carbohydrates, processed foods and caffeine.

IMG_8569 IMG_8568

On top of the half marathon training plan, I have started playing with the idea of competing in a bikini fitness competition. I’m not sure that I have the will-power to be able to compete in something like that, simply because I love food so much, and those diets are pretty limited. But I’m going to do my research and see what I can learn!

To bigger and better things!