Committing to Myself – Version 2015

Now that we are a month into the year, and I’ve gotten into the routine of taking care of a puppy, managing my full-time job, adding in the addition of being back in grad school and having yoga teacher training. I’m finally ready to set aside time to focus on me. No. I need to set time aside for myself or I’m going to be more exhausted than I already am, and probably depressed.

I decided to focus on one thing monthly, rather than setting goals for the year. I’ve learned that I’m great at setting big goals to remind me of what I want, but I still need small goals to stay motivated to getting me to that big goal. Stepping stones to show my progress. I’m committing to this. Committing to myself, and making myself the best me that I can be. J

February – Work through The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. I purchased this book at the very end of 2013, or beginning of 2014 and haven’t gotten through chapter 1. With how much traveling I’m doing this month, this could either be a breeze, or a challenge but I want to get through as much as possible.

March – Getting back onto my mat. Now that Bentley will be 5 months old, I feel more confident that I can get back into the studio and can add that to our routine. I want to see if I can handle 4/5 times a week of practice by the end of the month. Baby steps to start, but I can already tell ill hit the ground running. Plus, my half marathon is this month and I need all that additional stretching to get me good and ready for race day!

April – Cut myself off of caffeine that is in the form of coffee or soda. I don’t drink that much, but it’s been worse lately. I’m going to allow myself to continue drinking tea because the caffeine level is low, and naturally there. Plus its delicious and good for you! 

May – Start looking into my options for an internship. This is the end of the semester, and the date that I was supposed to graduate from grad school. This time next year I will be walking across a stage to receive my Masters of Public Health diploma, and an internship is required. I want to get started looking into what my options are with a full time job, as well as which options make the most sense for the experience that I’m looking for. 12 months until graduation! 

June – Get outside more. Run with Bentley. Go to the beach. Hike great falls. Be outside. Just be. I have always sworn that I suffer from seasonal effectiveness disorder. Now I have no excuse to not be outside enjoying all of the vitamin D that I missed out on for those cold, winter months.

July – Try giving up my cell phone and social media. I think it could be possible. Maybe not for the whole month, but for a week, or Monday-Friday. Let’s see what life is like without being constantly available.

August – Graduation from my Yoga Teacher Training. I’m officially a Registered Yoga Teacher by the end of this month. Kick butt on the final. Try to find at least one teaching audition this month, that I can now officially teach!

September – Its time for the 30 day Throw down with Down Dog Yoga again. Rock it like you did last year. Also, it’s the last month of the Federal Fiscal year. Make quiet time every few days for yourself or you’re going to lose it.

October – We made it through another Federal Fiscal year. Congratulations! That is something to be proud of. I’m sure we closed more business in 2015 than we did in 2014, and that the company closed their goal number. Now we can look forward to another Cancun trip on Carahsoft!

November – Try a new diet every week. Maybe Veganism, Paleo, vegetarian and one more. It will be a good kick start into 2016, but also give me an idea of things that I can suggest to clients and have a personal experience of how they made me feel to relate back to them.

December – #30daysofgraditude.  Truly think about what you are grateful for every single day. Take the time to be silent and think about it. See what happens.

Any other suggestions? What things can you commit yourself to when making yourself the best you that you can be?

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