The opposite of your expectations

Do you ever prepare yourself for how a situation is going to play out, and then it happen the exact opposite?

I’ve been dealing with hip pain for a few years now caused by distance running. I’m a half marathon runner and Tough Mudder participant. Injury is common, and almost expected. I’ve been dealing with my pain through a chiropractor over the years, and its been enough to allow me to train less than desired but cross the finish line of every race of signed up for.

I started dating a chiropractor earlier this year and he recommended that I have an MRI done to see what’s actually going on inside, especially since I’m turning 26 in the fall. Should I need anything serious, id rather my parents insurance cover the fees.

The results of my MRI Anthrogram caused my chiropractor to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon. My expectation for the appointment was that I was going to leave with answers, or a game plan for moving forward. I assumed that physical therapy would be recommended once or twice a week and that would be it. Unfortunately, I left with more questions, and no new answers. I’ve now been referred to a second orthopedic surgeon in the Austin area, and this one is the best in his field for my cases.

The words ‘rare’ and ‘never in my 43 years of experience’ always begins a downhill conversation. All of my scans combined show adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder, but mine is in my hip. The orthopedic surgeon I saw today has never seen a case like this before.

Rather than panicking and assuming the worst, which is the fight or flight happening in my head right now, I’m choosing to breathe and not think about it. At this point, surgery could certainly be in my future, but I wont know until I see this next doctor. Until then, I just have to wait.

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