My Trending Stories

I have the pleasure to announce that I have been asked to start blogging on another website called My Trending Stories. The idea for the website is that they find bloggers, who love to blog for the sake of getting their ideas and opinions out there. They allow their writers 100% creative freedom with no obligation to write on a specific topic, as long as it does not discriminate against any of their readers. They contacted me a few weeks ago after finding this little gem of a website that I have.

I will still be posting on here, but if you’d like to follow me, and find other blogs to start reading, I suggest you take a look at the website below. 🙂

Get off your butt & back into the gym

Get off your butt and back into the gym! Understand I’m telling this to myself just as much, if not more, than I’m telling it to you. As I sit here creating my meal plan for next week, I’m also eating mint chocolate chip ice cream out of the tub and drinking a glass of white wine. So to say that I view life as a balance is an understatement.


Getting back on track for me is the hardest part. It’s not the staying on track that’s challenging, while it provides plenty of temptation, it’s getting started that causes me to immediately fail before I even begin. I have set a 5-6am alarm every morning for the last 7 work mornings and have only gotten up for one of them. Something has to change.

I have been an Advocare product user for 2+ years now and absolutely love the products. They have given me more energy, allowed me to cut out caffeine, helped me stay on track and made me love filling my body with healthy foods again. I’m starting a 24 day challenge on Monday and thought about the steps I’m taking to prepare for success. Maybe you can use one or two of them as well to help you on your journey to a healthier future!

1. Meal Planning – Make a list of the meals and snacks that you’re going to eat for the next 7 days. Also make the grocery list to match. This will help you to stay on track and ignore all of the items you’re craving while shopping.

2. Weekly Meal Prep – I always meal prep on Sunday’s after church. It makes the week easy for those on the go. With your meals already made, you know exactly what you’ll be eating without having to think about it and with the money already spent you’ll be less likely to stop for something different.

3. Refillable Water Bottles – I love my 32oz water bottle, as well as my Swell water bottle (which keeps fluid cold for 12+ hours). This lets me keep water with me at all times! I also recently heard about a 10 gulp rule. Every time you go to take a sip of water, take 10 gulps instead. This will keep you incredibly hydrated throughout the day!

4. Have a workout buddy – Find a friend who can keep you motivated and accountable. I take BodyPump and Spin classes with a girl friend and it helps get us both out of the house at 5am. Knowing that someone is counting on me helps get my feet on the floor and me out the door. It also makes it more enjoyable. Anywhere where you can laugh and be yourself is a great place to be.

5. Get outside – Rather than always working out in a gym, get outdoors. Run around the neighborhood, take a community yoga class, go paddle boarding. Switch up your routine!

6. Throw out the junk – Get rid of all the foods in your home that will cause you to get off track. For me its sweets, and chips. I have made sure to throw out all of the junk in my house so that I can be the most successful. Also, it requires me to go out of my way if I really want to get those items.

7. A good night sleep – I have found I’m the most productive if I get 8-9 hours of sleep, so going to bed early is essential.

8. Daily Journaling – Writing every evening about my day helps me clear my head before bed but also lets me list out my workouts. It also allows me to track my progress.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

The opposite of your expectations

Do you ever prepare yourself for how a situation is going to play out, and then it happen the exact opposite?

I’ve been dealing with hip pain for a few years now caused by distance running. I’m a half marathon runner and Tough Mudder participant. Injury is common, and almost expected. I’ve been dealing with my pain through a chiropractor over the years, and its been enough to allow me to train less than desired but cross the finish line of every race of signed up for.

I started dating a chiropractor earlier this year and he recommended that I have an MRI done to see what’s actually going on inside, especially since I’m turning 26 in the fall. Should I need anything serious, id rather my parents insurance cover the fees.

The results of my MRI Anthrogram caused my chiropractor to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon. My expectation for the appointment was that I was going to leave with answers, or a game plan for moving forward. I assumed that physical therapy would be recommended once or twice a week and that would be it. Unfortunately, I left with more questions, and no new answers. I’ve now been referred to a second orthopedic surgeon in the Austin area, and this one is the best in his field for my cases.

The words ‘rare’ and ‘never in my 43 years of experience’ always begins a downhill conversation. All of my scans combined show adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder, but mine is in my hip. The orthopedic surgeon I saw today has never seen a case like this before.

Rather than panicking and assuming the worst, which is the fight or flight happening in my head right now, I’m choosing to breathe and not think about it. At this point, surgery could certainly be in my future, but I wont know until I see this next doctor. Until then, I just have to wait.