I hate when people blame timing as a reason why something didn’t work out. Timing IS something you have no control over but how you choose to respond is a choice. 
I met a great man on tinder about 10 weeks ago that I have consistently spoken to. We made plans to go on a date the first Saturday night I was in my apartment in Austin, which is this upcoming Saturday. I reached out to him Monday night to touch base and he informed me that he’d recently met someone and it was really bad timing with me about to finally be in the same state. 

Here’s the thing. He made a choice. Between the two of us, he choose how he was going to react. And I didn’t get picked. Which is fine, while I enjoyed his attention when I got it, I’m not going to lose sleep over a man I’ve never even met before. What’s frustrating is that he apologized over and over again. Just own it. You made a choice. Timing is something we have no control of, but you were given a choice, a or b and you choose.

PS – I’m finally in the lonestar state. And so happy to be back! ♥️

The next BIG adventure

I honestly can’t believe that this week is here.

My last week in the office with all of my coworkers. My last 3 days with my best friends. The people who have been by my side through everything that’s happened the majority of my life. The people who have supported every insane decision I’ve thought to pursue and every relationship that’s left me broken hearted. These are the people that have made me who I am. Who have believed in me when I didn’t and have allowed me to develop and evolve into my truest version of myself. I’m forever grateful for those who have loved and supported me through all of it. And I don’t know if I ever would have found the woman that I am now if it wasn’t for the past 10 months that I’ve had.

2015 has been the most influential year for me and my personal development. Learning more about what I want, and what I see for myself and my future. Acknowledging and accepting that I deserve better than a comfortable life. No one deserves a comfortable life. And that’s not a life I want for myself. I don’t want to be comfortable. I want to live a big and insane life because I know that I deserve that, and want that for myself. The magic only happens when you leave your comfort zone. Why limit myself to what I’m capable of? Why limit God to what He’s capable of?

I have a 3 day, 22 hour and 1,464 mile drive ahead of me, just me and Bentley. Driving through Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas, and were doing it alone. After the summer I’ve had, truly the last 7 months, I can’t wait to have some time to deflate. This summer has been the most incredible to date. I have never felt more empowered, strong, independent and loved. And I’m incredibly blessed that I’ve had enough energy to keep up with everything I’ve wanted to do and all of the memories that I’ve been able to create.

I have 3 days left in DC. And they are packed with time with friends, celebration, booze, laughter, tears, love and happiness. I start saying my goodbyes today, and I’ve never been more ready. Because it’s not truly goodbye, but see you soon.