Twenty four

It’s crazy to think that its my last few hours as a 24 year old. 

I must say, this has been the most incredible and empowering year of my entire life. I’m sure people say that when they’re reflecting back on their year but this is an honest description.

– I pulled myself out of a relationship that wasn’t right for me and wasn’t with whom God had intended for me any longer.

– I realized what I’m looking for most in a significant other and what qualities I’m not willing to give up. 

– I chose to stop pushing God away, but rather to walk with Him and in the direction He has chosen for me.

– Added the greatest love in my life – Bentley bear to my now family of 2…him and I. 🙂

– Decided to pick up and relocate my life to Austin, Texas to be 1. Closer to my family and 2. To start over.

– Joined Tinder. What?! Dating. It’s already annoying, but I’m being patient.

– Signed a lease for a 1 bedroom apartment…I’ll be living alone for the first time

– Finished my Yoga Teacher Training

– Decided to start figuring out what kind of career will provide me joy AND pay the bills

– Received a certificate as a Holistic Health Coach

– Ran 2 half marathons and participated in a Tough Mudder


On top of all of that, I’ve made some of the greatest friendships I could ever ask for and had time to really learn about myself. What I want in life, what I want to accomplish and figure out the kind of person I’m looking to spend that time with. While I may still be single now, I am incredibly optimistic that God has someone phenomenal in mind for me. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance soon, or maybe he already has and I just don’t know it yet. 😊 

Hers to 25! Being a quarter of a century old, and just 5 weeks away from the greatest adventure I could ever imagine!


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