Twenty four

It’s crazy to think that its my last few hours as a 24 year old. 

I must say, this has been the most incredible and empowering year of my entire life. I’m sure people say that when they’re reflecting back on their year but this is an honest description.

– I pulled myself out of a relationship that wasn’t right for me and wasn’t with whom God had intended for me any longer.

– I realized what I’m looking for most in a significant other and what qualities I’m not willing to give up. 

– I chose to stop pushing God away, but rather to walk with Him and in the direction He has chosen for me.

– Added the greatest love in my life – Bentley bear to my now family of 2…him and I. 🙂

– Decided to pick up and relocate my life to Austin, Texas to be 1. Closer to my family and 2. To start over.

– Joined Tinder. What?! Dating. It’s already annoying, but I’m being patient.

– Signed a lease for a 1 bedroom apartment…I’ll be living alone for the first time

– Finished my Yoga Teacher Training

– Decided to start figuring out what kind of career will provide me joy AND pay the bills

– Received a certificate as a Holistic Health Coach

– Ran 2 half marathons and participated in a Tough Mudder


On top of all of that, I’ve made some of the greatest friendships I could ever ask for and had time to really learn about myself. What I want in life, what I want to accomplish and figure out the kind of person I’m looking to spend that time with. While I may still be single now, I am incredibly optimistic that God has someone phenomenal in mind for me. Hopefully he’ll make an appearance soon, or maybe he already has and I just don’t know it yet. 😊 

Hers to 25! Being a quarter of a century old, and just 5 weeks away from the greatest adventure I could ever imagine!


Blind date

I went on a blind date on Wednesday night. And honestly, it was incredible.
We met at jacksons for drinks. It was smart for us to do that first. Then if it didn’t go well we weren’t stuck at an awkward dinner together. But I shook his hand when I walked in. HAHAHAH I’m pretty sure every man at the bar was like, “um that was awkward, they’ve never met before. FIRST DATE” because obviously men’s brains work that way and they are all consumed in everyone’s lives like women are. Duh.

I had a fabulous glass of pinot noir and he had a beer. We were probably there for an hour. He suggested bar taco, which is this tapas Mexican restaurant, that I love, so we went there and sat outside. Continued the conversation. And then moved inside to the bar.

He is a good man. He turns 33 in February. But was getting wasted in Arlington for his 32nd. So he’s an older guy with a young soul, and I’m a younger woman with an old soul….so were basically both 30 years old. Hahahaha. He works for a lawfirm. He collects all of the data and evidence for cases and analyzes it. He’s also the information security officer for this company. He has a master’s in cybersecurity from Maryland. Lives in Arlington ALONE but is ready to settle down. His last relationship ended 2 years ago because she was batshit and had a serious trust issue, when he apparently, never gave her a reason to be concerned. Typical girl but way worse. Then he was in grad school and didn’t have time to date. He just finished his program 6 weeks ago, which is why he’s just now getting back into the dating game.

We talked about politics and religion. Sports and our active lifestyles. Where he’s lives and family vacations. He talked about the kids he wants one day and how he’s going to raise them in the church, but allow them to make their own choices when they are old enough, much like I want to do. He loves to travel. His parents are divorced and his dad lives in Vegas. He’s the director of security at the COSMO. J J J PERMANATE hookup. And his stepdad flies for United, so he basically flies for free.

Went to Australia last year and flew first class. I told him I’d never done that but always walk past those fancy seats into coach. He told me if I stick with him for long enough he’ll get me first class somewhere. J I told him I needed a date to my wedding in England next year and he said his calendar is still free. He loves to be spontaneous and plan trips away just because he can. He said there is an app that he uses, where you can get rooms that night at highly discounted rates. So WE (he said we) could fly somewhere, and stay in an incredible hotel for cheap because it’s still available.

He did a warrior dash this year. I made fun of him since I’ve done 2 tough mudders. Hahahaha I told him to join my work team in 2016 since I’m flying back for that. But he said he greatly appreciated my sarcasm that well get along just fine. He also wants to do a full marathon and has a bucket list. A BUCKET LIST. I thought I was the only person on the planet who actually had a bucket list. He said he wanted to go sky diving but didn’t have a friend or group to go with. I told him if he plans it out before I move, I’ll do it with him. We pinky promised. So there’s that. I guess were doing it in October just before I move. He’s also into boxing and has personal training sessions 2x week. he told me to come watch his butt get kicked. Hahaha

Honestly. It was an amazing first date. And it’s so unfortunate that I’m leaving because he really is incredible. The conversation never got quiet. It was like talking to an old friend after a long time away. He felt comfortable and fun. While we were at Jackson’s getting drinks he invited me to a bbq on the 19th. One of his good friends fiancé’s. Stephanie, is an instructor at CORE POWER. So he’s going to introduce us and she’s going to help me get a job. J he said she and I will get alone really well. Also, he takes Stephanie’s classes…..not regularly, but he gets to his mat. (cue angel voices).

I invited him to come visit in Austin while we were still at Jacksons, to come with Dustin and Janelle. And then I invited him again at the end of the night, and said he’d love it and would end up moving there. He laughed and said “I guess you thought the first date went well.” Hahahahahah boldddd statement buddy. But yes. thank you for calling me out. He said I could move back to DC, and I said he could move to Austin. Then he decided we could just move somewhere new instead.

 He told me to let him know when I’m back from the beach and wed go out again. J Needless to say, it went well. And that sucks. Because I don’t know if long distance is something I want right now. I’m not opposed to the idea. And keeping an open mind, since it was just a first date. But still. We’ll see.

Now, 36 hours later, I’m realizing how great he is, but how bad of timing in my life he’s showing up. I’m moving to Texas in less than 6 ½ weeks. And the idea of dating someone long distance isn’t appealing to me. Besides that, I have EVERY desire to date, and meet all of the men that I have been connecting with from Tinder. I know a lot of people are skeptical of Austin, but for an area that everyone moves TO its not a bad way to meet people before I get there. And I’m learning a lot of people are doing what I did. Picking up their lives and moving just because.

There are at least 5 guys that I talk to regularly from Texas. All of whom I desire and deserve to go out with, and they do too. Some of these men I’ve been talking to for months now. And they do deserve meeting up and finally putting a real face to the name and texting conversations.

But it’s not even about not getting to date the men that I’ve been looking to meeting. It’s about giving up my non-negotiables. WHY give them up now? I’ve been so strong, ending my past relationship and over 7 months of being single. Why give them up now? While Mike is an INCREDIBLE man. Truly incredible man, he isn’t a Christian. And that is on my top 5 things I’m not willing to give up.

To remind you, my top 5 non-negotiables are as follow:

1. Someone who wants to get married and build a family

2. A Christian man. Who wants to lead, and will lead myself and our family.

3. Someone who loves to travel

4. Someone who appreciates giving back and donating their time

5. Someone who has a healthy and active lifestyle.

Mike is a wonderful man. And I know that he could make me happy, but after only 36 hours I already know that it’s not the right thing for me. That my friends, that gut feeling, I always listen to it. Because it comes from a place of FAITH and a place of love and acceptance in a plan that truly is bigger than I am. Why limit what and who God is going to bring to me by settling for 4/5. I cant. And I won’t limit my God to 4/5.

Back to the drawing board….or Tinder. J