I am rarely a still person. I’m constantly on the go, whether that’s actually physically always moving or simply not being able to quiet my mind. On top of constantly being on the go, I’ve recently been working through some anxiety. I’ve always been slightly anxious in stressful situations but never enough to say ‘I suffer from anxiety’…until recently. 
It absolutely could be related to the large number of changes happening in my life. And I don’t doubt that at all. But i wish I was processing it differently. 

A lot has been finalized in the last 7 days. I finished packing up my apartment. Got the moving company completely finalized with dates and inventory. Made sure the hotels for my drive in October were confirmed and dog friendly rooms were in place for my pup and I. I applied for an apartment – and because of my great credit history and clean criminal record I should be approved no problem! Made sure the storage unit in Austin was all ready to go and confirmed with USAA that my things are covered when in the storage unit. The moving company came and took all of my things away and I cleaned out my apartment. I’m officially moved out!! Needless to say, it’s been a very busy 7 days. 

I went to yoga on the evening of day 2 in that mess and my low blood sugar made me feel weird, so I spent most of class in extended child’s pose or savasana where I proceeded to nap. After class ended, the girl next to me asked if i was okay! So sweet of her. But I didn’t realize how much all of those details, especially finding an affordable apartment, were effecting me. And how badly I just needed to be still. Making it to my mat was the most important part of my day yesterday. Even after everything that got accomplish, just being there, and taking up space and holding the class was so necessary. 

I woke up this morning exhausted. Like I always am. But refreshed. And relived. That things were still falling into place. Just like I always knew they would. 

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