Just happy

I catch myself smiling at nothing pretty often these days. Smiling while driving. Smiling at my computer. Or while reading a book. Walking Bentley, showering or watching tv. It’s incredible to me how truly happy I am. 

I spent a very good portion of the last 6 months of 2014 and first few of 2015 convincing myself that I was happy. Not to say I wasn’t happy, but I was more comfortable than happy. I haven’t convinced myself of anything since March 1st. I haven’t even talked myself into saying yes to anything yet. I just do it. And so far, I’ve had the greatest summer of my life and technically summer doesn’t start until tomorrow. I’ve spend so much time with so many friends. I am constantly reminded of how truly blessed and loved I am. I’m surrounded by people whom I love, and that love me. That alone is a blessing. 

The photo on my locked screen of my phone is the following picture. I’ve made it the mantra for my life. 

Think about that. Anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you fully alive is too small for you. 

I caught myself late last year consistently sad, but telling myself that I’d have the things I wanted in another life. I have never once believed that I’d have another chance at this life, so why now? Why believe that I’ll get to try this again? Why not just live the way I want to now, while I have the chance to?

Do what makes you happy. Live in ways that bring your soul fully alive and never settle for anything less than you deserve. Life is too short, so say yes to trying new things, spending time with friends and staying out late when you’re exhausted. Life is driven by the memories in your past and the excitement for the future, but you need people to help encourage and develop. Focus on those relationships. Memories are worth more than things. Invest wisely. 


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