Counting down

I realized yesterday that in exactly 4 months I will have already driven half way to Texas. It’s amazing to think that I made the decision to move over 3 1/2 months ago and now I only have 4 months left. Time is literally flying by. 

I looked at my calendar to see what is planned for this summer and I have something planned literally every weekend except two. TWO weekends free from now until Sept 1st. Then it’s busy season at work and I’ll blink and it’ll be October 1st.

I feel like I’ve finally found my place in northern Virginia again. As a single person, without family close to me, established in a good job with lots of friends near by. I know my friends family close enough where we ask about each other. I hate that i finally have this, after only having my exes friends for so long. Honestly, they were who we spent all of our time with. But now I have my own people. That love me for me and what I have to offer. Who understand how I see the world and support my goals and dreams. Friends who inspire me and empower me to be better. Friends that truly are family. Some of the greatest people in my life I’ve gotten close to in the last 4 months and leaving them sucks. 

I’ve started second guessing my decision to move. Not enough to actually stay, but I’m having SO much fun with all my friends here that I don’t want to leave then. But I know I’ll make friends in Texas, but they won’t be the people I have here. That I’m creating a summer full of memories with. 😦 it’s a little sad when I think about it for too long. 

Starting over with just 3 friends. One of which is a jerk face man that I’m not even talking to right now. But the other two are incredible girls that I can’t wait to spend every moment making memories with!!

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