Lifted spirit 

This week was incredibly tough. One of my best friends sisters had to put their dog down, and her other sisters coworker committed suicide. On top of that, work was a stressful disaster, I was getting ready for my trip home and a routine trip to the vet for a shot turned into Bentley getting antibiotics for a staph infection. Plus continuing to process not being in school, trying to decide to redo my resume and find a new job, and having no idea where my life is headed, all made it a very tough week.

The same girlfriend whos family lost so much this week suggested dinner after work tonight, because we honestly both needed a drink but wanted to catch up. Just being around her, breathing the same oxygen as her, completely lifted my spirits.

When I think about the people I’ll miss when I move, the list is unbelievably long. There are SO many people that have greatly impacted my life in both small and ginormous ways. I guarantee I cry every time I say goodbye to a friend. Every single time. Because I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it hadn’t been for every single soul that had touched my life. But then there are those people I will sob for. I’ll sob leading up to the goodbye, the drunk nights out the last month I’m in town, the entire time we hug, and while saying our final ‘until next time’, because it’s never truly goodbye, followed by sobbing the entire drive home. I’m tearing up now just thinking about saying goodbye to this girl. I’m already wishing I had more time and I have 5 more months with her, knowing it won’t be nearly enough.

You, my love, are a person that I breathe for. That I sob for. That I support with every molecule in my body. Because you’re one of my closest and dearest friends. You’re a friend I’m blessed to call family, and a sister I never had. You filled a hole I didn’t know existed and wiped my tears when I knowingly flipped my own world upside down. I am honored to have had so much time with you. Many of my best memories of work are with you. Getting literally white girl wasted in Jamacia and helping you find your self again. Im so proud of the person you are finding in yourself. Your confidence and your strength is incredible and I’m so grateful to have watched you grow. And watch every single day. I will miss our daily walks around the building, bitching about how unhappy but grateful we are. How much guys suck and all my new tinder friends. 🙂 I can not imagine my life without and I am so excited to continue growing and figuring our lives together. Here’s to the best summer of our lives, both incredibly single and selfishly focused on ourselves! ♥️

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