In power vinyasa, the breath is what moves the practice. 

I have never understood that concept and I have always found myself out of breath trying to catch back up to the class. Until class today. 

Today I let the breath move me. With every extension I breathed in, and every flexion I breathed out. Allowing the breath to physically move me. The idea of breathing in when reaching to the sky and breathing out when folding forward sounds like it make sense, until you are physically trying to move with breath. 

I have never had an out of body experience and I can confidently say that happened today. Just allowing my body to move the way my breath wants to rather than me taking control of everything. Letting go tonight allowed me to reach a place in my practice that I have never been before. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s practice provides and allows to show up. 

Namaste has never felt so honest and true. So namaste to you! 

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