First blog guest post

My incredibly fit, and very talented cousin Alena created an online women’s health magazine target at young women in their 20’s and has asked me to guest blog for her! I’m so grateful for the opportunity, and can’t wait to see what I come up with! Below are some photos we took from our brainstorming session. 🙂 


I’ve never had pressure to figure out how I wanted to brand myself. While my mom, aunt Rhonda and I were trying to think of creative names, related to Austin and yoga obviously 🙂 I told my aunt about my blog. Apparently I had already started branding myself without even realizing it. ♥️

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♥️, your developing but devoted yogi 

The secret is out

I told my extended family this weekend that I would be moving to Austin and my family reacted exactly the way I wanted them to! 

Enjoy my grandfathers comments. He asked if I got fired and said something about my exboyfriend and a shotgun. Welcome to Texas! 

I am so grateful for an incredibly supportive family who loves me. Being closer to them is going to be the greatest gift I could ever ask for. 

Not that I’m wishing this summer away, because I’m not, I can’t wait for every second of this summer with all my friends. But this upcoming experience is going to be incredible!

Lifted spirit 

This week was incredibly tough. One of my best friends sisters had to put their dog down, and her other sisters coworker committed suicide. On top of that, work was a stressful disaster, I was getting ready for my trip home and a routine trip to the vet for a shot turned into Bentley getting antibiotics for a staph infection. Plus continuing to process not being in school, trying to decide to redo my resume and find a new job, and having no idea where my life is headed, all made it a very tough week.

The same girlfriend whos family lost so much this week suggested dinner after work tonight, because we honestly both needed a drink but wanted to catch up. Just being around her, breathing the same oxygen as her, completely lifted my spirits.

When I think about the people I’ll miss when I move, the list is unbelievably long. There are SO many people that have greatly impacted my life in both small and ginormous ways. I guarantee I cry every time I say goodbye to a friend. Every single time. Because I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it hadn’t been for every single soul that had touched my life. But then there are those people I will sob for. I’ll sob leading up to the goodbye, the drunk nights out the last month I’m in town, the entire time we hug, and while saying our final ‘until next time’, because it’s never truly goodbye, followed by sobbing the entire drive home. I’m tearing up now just thinking about saying goodbye to this girl. I’m already wishing I had more time and I have 5 more months with her, knowing it won’t be nearly enough.

You, my love, are a person that I breathe for. That I sob for. That I support with every molecule in my body. Because you’re one of my closest and dearest friends. You’re a friend I’m blessed to call family, and a sister I never had. You filled a hole I didn’t know existed and wiped my tears when I knowingly flipped my own world upside down. I am honored to have had so much time with you. Many of my best memories of work are with you. Getting literally white girl wasted in Jamacia and helping you find your self again. Im so proud of the person you are finding in yourself. Your confidence and your strength is incredible and I’m so grateful to have watched you grow. And watch every single day. I will miss our daily walks around the building, bitching about how unhappy but grateful we are. How much guys suck and all my new tinder friends. 🙂 I can not imagine my life without and I am so excited to continue growing and figuring our lives together. Here’s to the best summer of our lives, both incredibly single and selfishly focused on ourselves! ♥️


In power vinyasa, the breath is what moves the practice. 

I have never understood that concept and I have always found myself out of breath trying to catch back up to the class. Until class today. 

Today I let the breath move me. With every extension I breathed in, and every flexion I breathed out. Allowing the breath to physically move me. The idea of breathing in when reaching to the sky and breathing out when folding forward sounds like it make sense, until you are physically trying to move with breath. 

I have never had an out of body experience and I can confidently say that happened today. Just allowing my body to move the way my breath wants to rather than me taking control of everything. Letting go tonight allowed me to reach a place in my practice that I have never been before. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s practice provides and allows to show up. 

Namaste has never felt so honest and true. So namaste to you! 

Proposed to myself

My new years resolution this year was to propose to myself. To learn more about me, and what made me happy, and learn more about the relationship I was in at the time. Since he and I are no longer together, it’s officially all about me. 

The ring I had ordered for myself finally came in yesterday. A gorgeous 7mm David Yurman with a morganite stone. It’s literally the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever owned, and I love it even more because I bought it for myself. Every time I look at it I remember the promise I made to myself. 

I proposed to live and love wholeheartedly, do everything I can to make myself happy and follow my dreams, and never settle for anything less. 


I gave up so much in my last relationship that now I’m able to actually figure out who I am. I have had so many friends in the last few weeks tell me how different of a person I am now than I was then. I radiate happiness now. But it’s more than that. My skin is clearer, my dark circles have almost disappeared and I’m sleeping better. My stress level is incredibly low compared to before, and I don’t take bullshit from anyone. It blows my mind that not even 8 months ago I was trying to convince someone to marry me. Convince?!? No no. I should never have to convince someone of that. 

I love myself more now. I respect who I am, and the dreams that I have for myself. And yes dating is going to suck, but hopefully I have some good stories to share that make it worthwhile. My dream man is out there. And right now, I’m not ready yet for him. I’m shamelessly and selfishly loving where I am in life and all of the adventures that will continue coming my way. 

Thank you God for good friends. Those who remind me of how much I’m blessed to have, and how much better I deserve. They never let me go a day without smiling and make me laugh until I pee. Thank you for the people I’m lucky enough to call my tribe. From all walks of life and with years worth of knowledge and advice to pass my way. I am infinitely grateful for these individuals. You know who you are. Thank you! ♥️♥️♥️