Brought to my knees

These last few days have been incredibly difficult. My 5 month old goldendoodle needed his rabbies shot, a perfectly normal thing to need, and his body rejected the shot this weekend. Or so we thought. After 2 trips the animal ER I was asked to leave him overnight for 24 hours, mainly so they could give him Iv fluids and monitor everything. Come to find out, he swallowed an 8 inch octopus toy whole and his body was trying to process it through. An expensive ultrasound confirmed the foreign body and I was walked through the next emergency procedure. Hysterical on the phone i consented to the DNR I was read and agreed to pay for a surgery that would drain my entire savings account. 

Now, 3 days after surgery, Bentley is back to his bouncey, full of energy self. But only after days of prayer. I had no idea how much that furball meant to me until I was brought to my knees in prayer for him to get better. I am so grateful that I had my faith to fallback on during this incredible time of stress. 

Thank you God for blessing me with everything you have and for keeping my family whole. You are so good!

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