Bentley Bear – life as a new fur mom

This experience so far has been a world-wind of new responsibilities. I knew it would be a challenge, like anything else that dramatically changes your life, but it has been so much fun too.

Bentley is the most adorable, 10 week old golden doodle, and he is growing up faster than I can believe it. He has the smarts of a poodle, and the loyalty of a golden retriever. He has already learned to sit down when I’m putting his food in his bowl, he’s completely crate trained and he can go up and down the stairs. But he also has learned that if he just barks, which he never does, that he will be able to get on the couch. I haven’t yet been this frustrated with him, but he is learning how to play me. Tonight, I let him bark. It was loud, and annoying, and I felt terrible for the neighbors (even though it was only 7pm). But he needs to learn that barking doesn’t get him his way. That getting on the couch is a privilege, but I don’t know how to get that across to a 10 week old puppy.

Potty training has also been quite a task. I knew it would be hard, but in my mind it might be a few week task. I had no idea how tough it would actually be, but this is probably the best practice I can get to prepare me for a baby. The great news about Bentley, is that even though we are still working through potty training, he doesn’t go potty in the crate at all. He is finally able to sleep through the night, from about 10:30-7am, which is amazing! About the first week in a half we were getting up in the middle of the night, but we finally are able to get through an entire “school night” without going outside in the middle of the night.

Even through some things have been a struggle, he has made so many things in my life better and bad days are immediately better when I see him. I can’t wait to see what the next week weeks and months bring for us!


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