Stop and smell the roses

I haven’t felt inspired to write lately, and honestly life has been so busy I haven’t had the time to even if I felt inspired.

But today I got my hair done and had some quiet time to myself. It’s incredible how a little bit of time allows you to reflect on so much. My hair dresser asked when my boyfriend and I may be taking the next step. And granted, we’ve been together just under 2 years, so it’s now maybe something that we’re in the right time frame to considered, but it’s not something that we talk about. I believe it’s unspoken that we are headed in that direction, and that it’s something we both want, but I don’t push it on him as something we have to talk about often. I probably bring it up as a serious conversation 3 times a year. But her question made me realize how much I have grown since he and I started dating, and how much trust and faith I have in our relationship. I have always been a planner. I never enjoyed living my life for today, because I was always too excited about what’s coming. Whether I was excited for the coming weekend on Monday or ready for a vacation that’s paid for 6 months in advance, that was what I lived for. But when I look back at what I had imagined for myself for the moment that I’m in right now, it’s not even close to how incredible my really life is.

I’ve taken on new roles at work with more responsibility than I truly know what to do with. I have continued to actively grow in my yoga practice. I’ve joined a boxing and kickboxing gym. I’m getting ready to move into a condo with my best friend, and my parents are following their dreams and moving to Austin,Tx the same weekend. I’m working on a masters and a health coaching certificate, while working full-time. And every day I am closer to opening a studio and having my Nutrition practice. My dreams are bigger than I ever thought possible.

I was watching an episode of Extreme Weight Loss and one of the clients said “Most people only live to up 50% of their fullest potential.” What an incredible thought, that what I believe is my best and fullest life, is really only 50% of what I have to give.

I have no idea what I pictured my life to be like towards the end of my 23rd year, but I guarantee my real life is so much better than that. It made me realize that without Andrew, I may not have ever learned to step back, smell the roses and enjoy life right now. Even though we don’t talk about next year or 5 years down the road, I have complete confidence and faith that The Lord will provide so much more than I think I deserve. And I am so grateful and humbled by that.

Live for today, not for tomorrow. And stop to smell the roses every chance that you get. Life will fly by before you realize months have gone by. And remember to live life to your fullest potential!!