Religion and yoga

It’s incredible how things happen. I attended the Yoga Journal LIVE! Business of Yoga conference in NYC last week for the first time with my mom. My parents are small business owners and I knew it would be great to have her ears listening too, knowing that she would pick up on things I might not. One of the first speakers mentioned God, and it took my mom by surprise. I grew up in the Church of Christ and we attended every Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday night. She was taken back because she had no idea how spiritual yoga was. Growing up in the church has made me step back as an adult to figure out what I believe and how I want to worship. While I love the church I attend, I have found I’m more spiritual and more connected to God now because of yoga than I have ever been.

This made me think back on my life and how much bigger God is than I am. The man than I am lucky to be sharing my life with was someone that I was friends with for years before we ever even thought about dating. Both of us dated other people for years and we ended up spending more time together one summer. It’s incredible how God brings people back into our lives in more permanent roles, or changes the roles that people have in our lives. Andrew is the first man that has made my life better, happier and healthier, while teaching me to be a more independent and confident person. I don’t even know if he is aware how much I have grown as a person, simply by having him as a role model and leader in my life. He is someone who regularly follows his heart and his dreams. That is something I always wanted to be able to do. And because of him, I am now.

I love that the Lord provides what we don’t even know we need, and He does it in the most perfect timing. Those gut feelings that we all get, follow them. Those are from God and to go with them, you need to take the leap of faith.

That leap of faith is the scariest thing I’ve ever done. For me, it was saying my dreams out loud, to people, and to as many people as would listen. My dreams seemed crazy to me. Opening a yoga studio and starting my own business as a young women with no business experience is terrifying. I am terrified about the long nights, and the big decisions that are coming, but what I want to give to the world is so exciting, and I am so passionate about what I believe I have to offer. Even though the leap of faith is scary, not following my dreams is scarier.

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.

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